Flying / Straight Gaffs

Traditional Flying Gaff - Fully Rigged or Head Only

Traditional Flying Gaff

    HEAD: Features heavy duty 3/8" 316 Stainless Steel plate construction. Available in 5 inch and 7 inch throat openings measured from the point to the inside of the main shaft. Simple, no-nonsense, non-mechanical release, fully rigged with 25 trade; of heavy duty black three-strand nylon, attached to head with 316 Stainless Steel shackle & thimble.

    HANDLE: The heavy duty schedule-40 aluminum handle is brightanodized and corrosion resistant. It will not bend and will float if dropped overboard. Features custom-milled, anodized aluminum end-fittings and the soft, durable foam grips are UV resistant. Meets all I.G.F.A. angling rules.

5 inch head only $219.00
7 inch head only $249.00
5 inch fully rigged $479.00
7 inch fully rigged $499.00
flying gaff handle $199.00

Mundus Flyer - Fully Rigged or Head Only

Mundus Flyer

        Frank "Monster Man" Mundus, whose fame soared in 1986 with his capture of a 3,427 pound great white off of Montauk, had developed a "plow barb" flying gaff. He fashioned it from a round-bar hook with a slot cut in the end to accept a blade that was pinned at a perpendicular angle to the line of the hook. Claiming the hook "dug in like a Danforth anchor", the effectively landed the large great white using two of these "plow gaffs".

        Each Mundus Flyer contains his authentic signature computer-etched into the face of the head. As Mundus says, "The thing just buries itself to the hilt!"

      5 inch head only $319.00
      7 inch head only $449.00
      5 inch fully rigged $579.00
      7 inch fully rigged $599.00

Straight Gaff

Straight Gaff

      In keeping with the original STIK-IT design, the straight gaff head offers the same angle of attack for finishing off frisky tuna, dolphin & wahoo. The long, nearly straight outer leg of the hook easily pierces thick skin and stops the fish at its base, keeping the entire hook from ripping through prized table fare

      The heavy duty schedule-40 anodized handle is small in diameter but has the backbone to effectively slice through deep water in a churning current behind the boat. Don't worry about this handle bending when you sling a hefty yellowfin over the gunwale

    5 inch 6 footer $259.00
    3 inch 5 footer $219.00
    3 inch 3 footer $189.00
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