Mako & Tuna Magnet

Mako Magnet

Magnet Simulates Sound

    From S-2 Instruments comes one of the most significant products to be developed for the offshore fishing community.

    The Mako Magnet is an electronic fishing lure designed to simulate the vibrations struggling fish produce. The signal in broadcast in a 360 degree pattern for a mile around your boat. Very easy to use. Instructions included.

Mako Magnet $349.99

Tuna Teaser

Tuna Teaser Invites Tuna
  • The TUNA TEASER-MAGNET is an easy device to use, and it works on all species of tuna, just hook it up to your boat battery, place the transducer in the water and the device is automatically activated, that's it.
  • The TUNA TEASER- MAGNET is now emitting a rich tone, while acoustically vibrating the water in a 360 degree pattern. You are now being heard a minimum of a 1 mile under water. The rocking motion of the ocean further activates additional circuitry and breaks up the tone by adding an intermittent harmonic.
  • This easy to use MAGNET should be caged, or it will be eaten. The sound is heard by tuna as an invitation to a slow moving wounded meal. Than means a greater selection of tuna caught. The transducer is tossed over board, or can be mounted within the bottom of the boat.
Tuna Teaser $349.99
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